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Regal Ct, Frederick, MD

         We had a rental home we wanted to sell.  We contacted Mike and he help us with what to do to get the home ready for sale.  Even though it was a bad sellers market Mike sold our home for full price in 8 days.

        The process was easy and he found a buyer that was happy to have our home.

Eugene & Merry

Woodmere Cir, Middletown, MD

         I had been relocated out of the area for work and need to sell my home in Middletown. Mike help me to prepare my home for sale and got it on the market right away. His marketing was excellent and he shot a full virtual tour that made our home look terrific. It was a down market and Mike was able to get us 2 offers in the first week we were on the market, we sold our home for more that list price. I would definitely recommend Mike if you are considering selling your home. 


Malvern Way, Frederick, MD

         I bought a foreclosure from Mike and got a great deal. The bank came down off their list price even repainted the home before settlement. Mike was there to work with my lender had recommendations and helped guide me through home inspection and even choosing a settlement company. I will definitely recommend Mike to anyone that needs to buy or sell a home. 

4th St, Frederick MD
        We bought our first home from Mike & Allie. They worked with us of over a year and we very helpful guiding us through the process. The helped us find a great lender, home inspector and settlement company. Their knowledge and experience made the process feel simple and easy. We will use them again. 
Jared & Abbey 

Castle Rock Rd, Frederick
         Our son had used Mike to sell his home a few years back and recommended we use him as well. We called Mike and from the start he was very informative and help full. He gave me the facts and a recommendation but wasn’t pushy at all and let me make up my own mind on the price. After we listed I had a great offer in only 6 days. I had a great experience with Mike and would recommend him to anyone that id thinking of selling their home. 

Millstream Dr, Frederick, MD

         I worked with Mike and his team to buy my first home.  It was a great experience.  Not only did they help me to find a home I loved buy they thought me about the entire process.  I give them a 10 out of 10.


 Mews Ln, Frederick

              I was looking to buy my first home in Frederick and Mike was recommended to me as a realtor that knows the Downtown Frederick real estate market. Mike and his team got me a great home and a great price and I would recommend them to anyone.



N Bentz St, Frederick

              We were looking for a new home and needed to sell our current house. One of our good friends had recently sold and strongly recommended we use the real estate agent he used. We found Mike Muren when we were looking for a new home and it want until later after talking to our friend who recently sold that we realized Mike was the same agent our friend recommended.  We are currently buying a new home and using Mike. He also listed and SOLD our current home for us. Our friend said we would be happy with his service and results and he was right. We would recommend Mike to anyone.

Brett and Sally

E 6th St, Frederick

          A friend of ours had bought a home from Mike and recommended we call him.  Were glad we did.  We found a really cool row house that meet all our needs.  We will deftly use Mike again for our next move.

David and Anna Maria

  W South St, Frederick

          We called Mike on a listing he had on the market but quickly found our a few people we know had sold a home with him in the past.  We worked both with Mike and Tara on his team.  The experience was great and we found a great renovated row home in downtown Frederick.  They made the process of negotiating the deal fun and easy and even got the seller to pay all the closing costs.  We would  defiantly recommend Mike and his team to anyone I know.

James and Chelsea


Did you buy or sell a home with us? If so we would love to hear from you. 
Submit your Review and we will post you on this page.